Case Studies
  • Rene and Janet – bought a small top floor unit in a good position with Ocean Views .. but it needed a total renovation to make it more appealing and to get better use from the limited spaces .
  • There was an old kitchen, well past its ‘use by date ’ with no Dishwasher and  limited storage.  The main bedroom had 1 large built in Wardrobe that ran the length of the room and left space only for a double bed against a wall in one corner . The 2nd bedroom had no wardrobe .
  • The bathroom was OK ‘ liveable’ but  the only laundry space for the unit was an old ‘ shared ‘ facility on the ground floor .

What did we do ?


  • We redesigned the kitchen to put the fridge and a large walk in pantry along one wall … which was previously a “dead end” of the room.  Made a small but efficient U shape in the other end . and incorporated a small seating bench for 2 stools along the remaining unused wall .. with a wine rack over that is visible through the Kitchen opening from the adjacent dining end of the lounge dining room.
  • Before


  • We decided to salvage the large 3 sliding door wardrobe (which was of quite  good quality .. just too big for the space ..and in the wrong position for the room ) … by dismantling it,  cutting it down and moving it now as a 2 sliding door wardrobe it to the 2nd bedroom .
    In the main bedroom we designed a new L Shaped wardrobe that better used the space in front of the entry door and didn’t protrude as far into the length of the room .. thus leaving room for a bed with side tables centered in the remainder of the room . (and with an ocean view out the adjacent window ) 
  • Before


  • Although the bathroom was useable (and not provided for in the original budget ), the NO LAUNDRY problem was important  ?

  •  The bathroom appeared to be too small to include a washing machine …. but the alcove containing only an old pedestal basin was in fact underutilised . We designed a new vanity cabinet to fit the basin space with a washing machine under and just enough room to replace a new benchtop basin to one side over it  … and matched it with a new overhead mirrored shaving cabinet to entirely fill the space above .  (and Rene and Janet then decided to re do the whole bathroom while they were at it It ‘blew the budget “ but in the end it was ‘done’ and saved having all that mess and interruption later .. when it would have had to be done anyway ! ) 
Kitchen Renovation

Sven is a small investor developer who wanted to maximize the value of his investment property and sought quotes for a simple new kitchen.

This interview is taken from a popular renovators/trade website



Date job listed: August 2017
Job description: Full kitchen renovation of investment property, including cooker/ventilation/sink installation, tiling, plumbing, electrical/lighting and benchtop installation.        
Rates of quotes received: $4,000-$10,000
Winning quote: $7,000
Winning business: MPW Kitchens and Interiors  
We spoke to Serge about his experience with MPW Kitchens and Interiors

What did you want out of your new kitchen?
I was after a reasonable priced kitchen that maximised the amount of available space and included room for a kitchen table.
Why did you select MPW Kitchens and Interiors

MPW Kitchens and Interiors designer was the most professional in designing the kitchen.
What was your previous kitchen like?
U-shaped, built cheaply in the 1960s and not very practical.
What was your brief to MPW Kitchens and Interiors   
I wanted something functional that was appealing to the new tenants.
Describe the new kitchen:
The new kitchen features a Laminex Squareform benchtop and state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances including a stove, cooktop, rangehood, sink and taps all from Winnings Builders pack. The installers were very professional however they had a few problems with the installation as the room walls were not square and had to be modified for the benchtop but this was done by the installers at no extra cost.
Were you happy with the services provided? 
Yes , as you can see the end result is very acceptable. 
Would you give  another job to MPW Kitchens and Interiors   Yes, they have been most helpful for my needs. 
Any other comments?
Overall, they have been great – there were some minor  hiccups that are expected when renovating, but these were all handled professionally and the result in the end is very satisfying and I will be happy to try them again for my next project 


Before and After
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